Riser for mining IBCs

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Mount the best Hardware to your equipment, with MinandoVoy's Risers.

Our Kit is the best solution to set up your RIG mining equipment, it contains:

  • Four high quality solid capacitors.
  • 6-pin to SATA for power cable with more power, thus reducing the load on the motherboard.
  • USB 3.0 cable is 60 cm which offers high quality and better speed.
  • High quality slot for easy both mounting and unmounting of the video card, with a white anchor so that the GPU does not slip out of the slot.

Measurements of what is contained in the KIT:

  • Sata cable: 20 CM
  • USB 3.0 cable: 60CM
  • Riser: 12.5CM x 4.5 CM
  • USB-PCI connector: 3.2CM