Rig starter 2.0 – dual mining ETHF + KAS, NEOXA, ETC, FLUX



Our plan is to divide the investment setup among the best algorithms based on their current profitability in order to shorten the payback time.

After the Merge, new mining opportunities emerged such as: Ravencoin, Beam, Flux, Ergo, Alephium, Conflux, Neoxa or Kaspa. These cryptocurrencies can be combined in dual mining to maximize the performance of your rig.

  • Rendimiento mensual 67$-78$ (DUAL MINING, ETHF+KAS, ETC+KAS NEOXA,RVN)
  • *Returns based on the current market. A considerable increase is expected in the medium term.
  • Consumption W/Hour: 750w
  • Mining power in the Ethash algorithm: 300 mhs
  • Posibilidad de montaje con: 5 unidades rx6800/rtx3060ti/rtx3070

The current objective is to accumulate as many cryptocurrencies as possible to multiply the current profitability when they rise in value. These emerging cryptocurrencies are very interesting to mine because of their great margin of value increase and very interesting projects with very useful applications for the Blockchain.

Included in the price:

  • ConfigurationThe configuration and assembly of each RIG is included in the price.
  • Support and follow-upIncludes during six months support for any incidence caused (EXCEPT what is detailed as out of WARRANTY).
  • WarrantyAll machines have THREE years of warranty.