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Daily returns

Model Hashrate Algorithms Profitability
8.3 Th/s KHeavyHash 34,44 /day
9.5 Gh/s Scrypt 17,52 /day
255 Th/s SHA-256 13,30 /day
198 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256198Th/s 5445W 11,04 /day
177 Th/s SHA-256 9,23 /day
140 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256140Th/s 3010W 7,30 /day
166 Th/s Kadena, Kadena166Th/s 3154W 7,26 /day
122 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256122Th/s 3355W 6,36 /day
114 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256114Th/s 3306W 5,93 /day
112 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256112Th/s 3472W 5,84 /day
110 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256110Th/s 3250W 5,74 /day
100 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256100Th/s 3050W 5,58 /day
100 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-256100Th/s 3400W 5,21 /day
96 Th/s SHA-256 5,01 /day
90 Th/s SHA-256 4,69 /day
88 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-25688Th/s 3344W 4,59 /day
81 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-25681Th/s 3400W 4,52 /day
80 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-25680Th/s 3360W 4,16 /day
9 Th/s Handshake, Handshake9Th/s 2079W 3,96 /day
73 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-25673Th/s 2920W 3,81 /day
2.05 Gh/s Scrypt, Scrypt2.05Gh/s 2080W 3,68 /day
68 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-25668Th/s 3360W 3,54 /day
66 Th/s SHA-256, SHA-25666Th/s 3432W 3,44 /day
70 Th/s Kadena, Kadena70Th/s 3300W 2,69 /day
504 Mh/s Scrypt, Scrypt504Mh/s 800W 0,97 /day

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Very happy with what I purchased from this site. They advised me on what would work best for my situation and I listened to them. They offered me different options from the cheapest to the budget I gave them, they look for something accessible for the capital you want to invest.

Mario Seijas

They have a great variety of product in ASIC and RIG and with good profitability and without exorbitant prices. My friends bought from this company and told me that they are the best machines they have bought and not only for the quality but also for the support they offer after sales, you know that you will never be left stranded if you buy here. I am also a customer already!

Alberto Blanco

Serious and professional company, I would say that the number 1 in Spain in the cryptocurrency sector. Attentive staff with customers, they solve any doubt, help you choose the machine that best suits what you are looking for... And most importantly, they have products for all budgets and they send it to your home wherever you are from.

Maria Dopico
"Minando Voy, the pioneer cryptocurrency mining machine company in Spain © CryptoNews"
Bitcube and MinandoVoy conquer the world of cryptocurrency mining from Madrid and beyond! Exploring new horizons in every corner of the globe!
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