MicroBT introduces the new Whatsminer M50 series of miners

Chinese company MicroBT has recently unveiled three new models of Bitcoin miners that promise to be leaders in efficiency and power in the cryptocurrency market. These innovative machines, known as WhatsMiner M50S++, M53S++ and M56S++, were unveiled during the Bitcoin Conference 2023 in Miami, USA.

MicroBT has highlighted the impressive features of these new miners, emphasizing their efficiency and the environmental benefits they offer. Each of the WhatsMiner M50 series models offers outstanding hashing power: the M50S++ features air cooling and offers 154 TH/s, the M53S++ uses liquid cooling and reaches 328 TH/s, while the M56S++ uses immersion cooling and offers a hashing power of 236 TH/s. In addition to their power, these miners boast energy efficiency, with a power consumption of only 22 J/Th.

A prominent feature of these new miners is their focus on using clean energy. During the presentation, Dr. Yang, founder and CEO of MicroBT, highlighted the advantages of the clean energy model in the Bitcoin mining industry. He mentioned the ability of MicroBT's mining equipment containers to collect waste heat, which can be harnessed for space heating and industrial processes.

Dr. Yang also emphasized the high temperatures that can be reached in the liquid-cooled containers, with water outputs exceeding 70 ℃ (158 ℉), which translates to 2.4 MW power for a single 40-ft container. In addition, he highlighted that each M56S++ miner only requires 10 liters of oil according to tank specifications.

These new developments presented by MicroBT reflect the Bitcoin mining industry's efforts to find more efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions. Energy efficiency and waste heat utilization are key aspects of reducing the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining. With these innovative miners, MicroBT seeks to drive more efficient and environmentally friendly mining.

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