New Avalon Made A1366I from 165Th, the Bitcoin miner that makes a difference

On stage at the Bitcoin Conference 2023 in Miami, Canaan, a leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining devices, surprised the market with its latest release: the Avalon Made - Immersion Cooling Miner (A1366I). This revolutionary new miner uses an innovative liquid immersion cooling system, bringing power and efficiency to an unprecedented level compared to traditional miners.

With a captivating presentation, Canaan revealed the impressive specifications of the Avalon Made A1366I. This cutting-edge miner is capable of reaching a power output of 165 TH/s, with a power consumption of only 4,950W and an efficiency of 30J/TH. Moreover, it stands out for its ability to operate with an overclocking ratio of up to 38%, which means that its performance can be increased considerably without compromising its stability.

But the Avalon Made A1366I's improvements don't stop there. Canaan claims that this device offers a significant reduction in cost per terabyte and exceptional durability. This is due to its design that completely eliminates the problem of dust and the use of fans, resulting in a cleaner and quieter environment in mining farms. In addition, its 9.7 kg weight makes it practical and easy to handle.

One of the most exciting features of this miner is its liquid immersion cooling system. Instead of relying on conventional fans, the Avalon A13661 immerses its modules in a specialized coolant that efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the chips. This technology not only improves equipment performance, but also helps create a more favorable environment for Bitcoin mining.

The Avalon Made A1366I sets a milestone in the cryptocurrency mining industry by combining impressive power with remarkable efficiency. With its liquid immersion cooling system and overclocking capability, this miner offers Bitcoin enthusiasts a more cost-effective and durable option for cryptocurrency generation. If you are looking to take your mining experience to the next level, the Avalon Made A1366I is definitely an option to consider.

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