Bitcoin hashrate hits new all-time high driven by price surge

The hashrate of the Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high. After adjusting for network difficulty, the hashrate stood at 46.84T, an increase of 7,56% compared to the previous period. This increase reflects the growing participation of miners in the Bitcoin network, with over 40 EH/s of hashrate added in the last two weeks, peaking at over 400 EH/s in the hours following the adjustment.

This increase in the hash rate is directly related to the increase in the price of Bitcoin, which stands at an average of USD 28,000. This price increase encourages miners to connect more mining equipment to the network, which has increased the profitability of mining operations on the network.

In addition, the hashprice, which measures the profit made by mining equipment in a day, has increased by 20% in recent days, standing at more than 0.080 USD/TH/day. However, competition for the reward of mining Bitcoin is expected to increase as the difficulty of the network and the number of connected teams increase, which will decrease the hashprice.

This increase in hashrate is not limited to Bitcoin alone, as several companies have reported gains in their shares during this bull rally. Analysts speculate that this increase is due to the startup of unused mining inventories, the deployment of new facilities and the search for cheap mining sources by entrepreneurs.

In summary, the all-time record hashrate of the Bitcoin network is a clear sign of the growing participation of miners in the network, driven by the rising Bitcoin price.

We introduce you to our best machines to start mining bitcoin.

Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd 198Th

The antminer S19 Pro+ Hydro is one of the most advanced and efficient cryptocurrency miners on the market. This equipment has been specifically designed for Bitcoin mining and is equipped with the latest technological advances to deliver impressive performance. It boasts 198Th power that makes it one of the leading asics for mining Bitcoin.

Antminer S19XP 141Th

The Antminer S19 XP 141T is a high-powered cryptocurrency miner manufactured by Bitmain. It has a maximum hash rate of 141 terahashes per second and consumes 3,220 watts of power. It supports the SHA-256which is dedicated to the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that use this algorithm.

The Antminer S19 XP 140T is an upgraded version of the Antminer S19 Pro, with increased performance and energy efficiency. It has an aluminum casing and uses dual fans to keep temperatures under control.

Antminer S19J Pro 104Th

The Antminer S19j PRO 104T is a high-end cryptocurrency mining machine and one of the most powerful in the Antminer series. This machine is designed for mining cryptocurrencies based on the Antminer algorithm. SHA-256Bitcoin.

The Antminer S19j PRO 104T can perform 104 billion calculations per second, which is impressive in terms of processing power.

With its processing speed and power consumption, it is one of the best options for SHA-256 mining.

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