Luxor Technologies releases free firmware to boost Bitcoin mining profitability

Luxor Technologies has unveiled its latest release - LuxOS, a custom firmware designed and developed in the United States for third-party Antminer. This firmware allows Bitcoin miners to tune the performance of the ASIC chips in their Bitcoin mining rigs with the goal of optimizing hash rate and improving energy efficiency.

When mining profitability is low, miners can use LuxOS to improve the energy efficiency of their equipment and increase gross margins. Meanwhile, when profitability is high, they can use firmware to increase a machine's hash rate and accelerate the return on their investment.

The LuxOS interface is designed to offer a unique user experience, with valuable and easy-to-read metrics and key performance indicators. Nick Hansen, CEO of Luxor, explained in a statement that they have received feedback from their partners that the market lacked custom firmware designed and developed in the U.S. to help them improve their mining margins.

LuxOS is the first third-party Antminer compatible firmware designed and developed in the United States. The Luxor team built the custom firmware using the Rust programming language. In addition, Bitcoin miners using LuxOS will receive discounted rates when using Luxor's Bitcoin mining pool.

The Luxor company is known for offering a wide range of services and products for Bitcoin mining. It manages a mining pool that allows miners to connect their equipment and share computing power for rewards. It also offers a platform for hashrate trading, which allows miners to sell or buy processing power on the global market.

Luxor is constantly expanding, even beyond the boundaries of Bitcoin mining. The company acquired a marketplace for non fungible tokens (NFT) Ordinals earlier this year, demonstrating its interest in blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency mining.

Texas House of Representatives shows support for bitcoin economy

Cody Harris, miembro de la Cámara de Representantes de Texas, ha presentado una resolución en la que se anima a los legisladores de Texas a expresar su apoyo a la economía Bitcoin en el estado.

La Resolución Concurrente 89 presentada tiene como objetivo expresar el apoyo de la legislatura de Texas a la economía Bitcoin y a las personas que codifican, desarrollan, minan y utilizan Bitcoin en el estado. Si bien la resolución no tendría un impacto legal directo en las leyes y regulaciones de Texas, enviaría un mensaje de apoyo a la industria de las criptomonedas en el estado.

La resolución hace referencia a la represión del gobierno chino contra los mineros de criptomonedas y sugiere que Texas podría atraer a más empresas de criptomonedas debido a sus leyes comerciales favorables.

Riot Platforms, Core Scientific y White Rock Management son algunas de las empresas que realizan sus operaciones en el estado.El 47.7% del hashrate global de Bitcoin se concentra en los EE.UU.

Spain No. 1 in the sale of real estate with cryptocurrency

Spain is currently the country in the world with the most real estate properties available for payment with (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, with almost 300 around the entire territory of the Iberian nation.  

According to the data from the Forex Suggest analysis firm, which were taken from the Crypto Real Estate website, Spain leads the ranking of nations with the most properties ready to be purchased with virtual currencies. So far, are some 289 properties available.  

In addition to Spain, there are other Spanish-speaking countries also featured in the Forex Suggest ranking. Mexico, in North America, is ranked number 7 on the list, with some 89 properties that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.  

El Salvador, the first country in the world to make bitcoin legal tender, is also on the list. This Central American nation ranks tenth on the list, with 39 properties ready to be purchased with cryptocurrencies.  

Lastly, Panama, which is in 18th place and has a total of 7 real estate properties that can be acquired with digital assets.  

Other countries in the world also stand out on the list. To name a few, they include Thailand (with 227 properties), Portugal (with 130), the United States (80), the United Kingdom (66), Japan (37), Canada (18) and the Netherlands (14).  

The nation that holds the last place on the list is Italy, where currently there are 6 homes that can be purchased with BTC or other cryptocurrencies.

Spain is the country with the most homes that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies. Source: Forex Suggest.

Countries with the most expensive real estate

Forex Suggest has determined in its report the countries where to buy real estate with cryptocurrencies is highly costly. Canada, in North America, tops this list. In that nation, a house can cost 250 bitcoins.or about USD 5 million at the current exchange rate.  

The United States also stands out on this list. There, it takes an average of 112 BTC (USD 2.5 million) to buy a home. It is followed by the United Arab Emirates, where 96 BTC (USD 2.1 million) are required. to purchase real estate.  

Spain, which has the most available housing, does not escape from this list. In the Iberian country, it takes an average of 75 bitcoins, or about USD 1.7 million, for to acquire a home.  

The same is true in Panama, where 53 bitcoins or USD 1.2 million are needed to afford a real estate property.

Countries where it is more expensive to buy a home with cryptocurrencies.
These are the most expensive countries to buy a home with cryptocurrencies. Source: Forex Suggest.

The cheapest  

Forex Suggest also listed the countries where it is cheaper to buy a house with cryptocurrencies. The Philippines, in Asia, tops this list. A little more than 15 BTC (USD 350 thousand) is required. to acquire real estate.  

Mexico is next, where it is possible to buy an apartment, villa or house with 23 bitcoins or USD 540 thousand. Then there is the Netherlands, where 26 BTC (USD 600 thousand) are needed.  

Last is El Salvador. There, the following are required 39 BTC (USD 900 thousand) to acquire a real estate property.

Countries where it is cheaper to buy a home with cryptocurrencies.
These are the cheapest countries to buy real estate with bitcoin. Source: Forex Suggest.

The purchase of homes with cryptocurrencies has a long history 

While it is true that there are countries where there are now more properties available for purchase with cryptocurrencies, the truth is that this type of negotiation has been going on for some time now..  

In fact, in Spain there has existed since 2019 a service for buying and selling real estate with bitcoin through which. offer legal assistance for real estate purchase negotiations using cryptoassets.  

*Source Cryptonews